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On behalf of the Local Council of Bátonyterenye, please let me welcome you on the English website of our town, Bátonyterenye.
The town is located in between the Cserhát and Mátra Mountains, about an hour drive from Budapest, the capital of the country. The town was created in 1989, via the unification of several  villages (Nagybátony, Kisterenye, Szupatak és Maconka)    and it is the seat of this mini-region, that is home to approximately 30.000 people.
There are several monuments in town, that are under national protection. The most valued one is the Church of Maconka, with frescos dating from the Middle-Ages.  The Castle Gyürky- Solymossy was built in the baroque style and is located in ’Kisterenye’. The territory of the  park around the castle,  lays on 12 acres and is also a preserve.
Some old village houses show the rural history of Szupatak . The forests nearby the town offer the possibility of hunting and the fishing and lake of Maconka is a nationally well- known recreational area.
Due to the closure of the local mines, the economy of the town has changed a lot. Although recently, a new Industry Park has been built, where production has been started by several companies offering employment to the local population.
Due to its history,  a number of hundred- year old traditions are kept in our town. These include cultural programs and festivals that attract people every year from inside and outside the country.
The history, the main interest points, the institutions and civil organizations of our town are presented on this website but  you may also receive information on  educational, cultural and sport related interests.
I hope you find the information needed by browsing the website and I do hope that by looking at the pictures of our town will entice your interest and that we will be able to welcome you in person as well.
József Nagy- Majdon
Official website of Bátonyterenye